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The ‘X’ Brew
The ‘X’ Brew
The ‘X’ Brew

The ‘X’ Brew

India's best Filter Coffee Decoction

The ‘X’ Brew delivers the signature strong flavour of Farmgate Coffee in a ready-to-have decoction. Experience the smooth strong filter coffee in three easy steps. Add this brew to a glass of hot milk, add some sugar and enjoy!

Quantity: 110ml

Currently Available across South India

The X brew is a ready to have decoction ideal for South Indian filter coffee. Experience the smooth strong filter coffee taste with the signature strong flavor of Farmgate Coffee. The X brew ready to have decoction is easy to use and ideal for making filter coffee, black coffee and cold coffee.

The 'X' Brew is a ready to have decoction which makes your smooth and strong filter coffee in an effortless way. Just add our ready decoction and some sugar to a cup of hot milk to make your fresh filter coffee. 'X' brew is also ideal to make black coffee and cold coffee. The dark flavor, fresh aroma, smooth texture never fail to deliver the signature strong flavor of Farmgate coffee.

Making a south Indian filter coffee with a coffee decoction is a time taking process. When you don't have enough time and preparation to make decoction at home, our X brew comes to the rescue. With The X brew ready to have decoction, you can have fresh filter coffee instantly. Make your coffee easily without compromising the taste or freshness. With Farmgate coffee blends you can have the best tasting coffee every day.

With every cup of farmgate filter coffee, you experience the heavenly taste and satisfying aroma. No brewing equipment, no decoction making time, and no waiting to have your favorite coffee. Farmgate X brew - ready to have decoction delivers the signature taste and makes your perfectly balanced cup of filter coffee.

With unique and flavorful coffee blends you can enjoy your coffee exactly the way you like it. Experience yourself the joy of fresh and fragrant brews with Farmgate coffee blends. Pick your favorite coffee blend and we deliver the best tasting coffee to your doorstep.

Only with fresh coffee blends, the natural aromas and right flavors are delivered. Farmgate has a great range of coffee blends for you to explore. With each flavored coffee blend, we promise a distinctively different coffee experience. Brewing fresh delicious filter coffee at home doesn't have to be as complicated as you think.

With our freshly ground and freshly blended coffee powder, you can make your frothy, delicious filter coffee at home every day. Farmgate coffee is meant to be enjoyed and make every day delicious. With X brew ready to have decoction, you can have your filter coffee anywhere, anytime. Farmgate X brew gives you the best traditional filter coffee experience with the right aroma. In a fraction of time, your cup of comfort is ready. We use the finest quality beans to deliver the finest coffee to our customers. We maintain consistency in quality and taste by always keeping it fresh and natural.

At farmgate it's all about the quality and freshness of the beans. There are so many factors taken into consideration before roasting the high quality beans, to make sure the natural flavors and aroma are preserved. Exploring the best Farmgate coffee is just a few clicks away.

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