The 'X' Blend
The 'X' Blend
The 'X' Blend

The 'X' Blend

Ideal for strong brews

An exquisite blend of strong yet complementary Flavour notes for a unique and delightful coffee experience.

Roast Level: Medium to Dark

Net Quantity: 200gms

The X Coffee blend is exquisite blend of strong yet complimentary flavor ideal for making strong brews. This coffee blend is a perfect harmony of flavors that enhances the freshness of farm fresh coffee in every sip. The coffee beans are rightly roasted and grinded which is well suited for a good strong coffee. Brew it at home and experiment to suit your taste. Experience yourself the bold yet tasteful flavor of a strong flavored brew. With X blend, brewing a good strong coffee is much easier.

A coffee blend is made out of two different coffee beans from different origins grinded together. Rather than sticking to a single origin taste, coffee blends create complementing flavor profiles to best suit every coffee lover's requirements. The main purpose a coffee blend is to create a delicious cup of coffee that is freshly brewed at home.

Buy the fresh coffee blends at farmgate to experience a unique and delightful coffee experience. Pick a coffee blend to match your taste and make your coffee the way you love. With perfect balance in taste, fragrance and flavor our coffee blends always deliver the best-tasting coffee every time. Enjoy the heavenly taste of a perfect cup of coffee that is delightfully dark. Add flavor to your coffee and start your mornings fresh and strong.

Whatever might be the brewing method you choose, just make the most delicious coffee you like to drink best. Brew a smooth, flavorful and delicious cup of coffee at your home and enjoy the freshness in every sip. Taste strong brews with X coffee blend along with a nice fresh aroma.

Not every coffee lover likes the same taste or prefers the same blend. It depends on how they like to have their coffee. Coffee blends are created by mixing different origin coffee beans and new flavor profiles are created. This process of blending coffee beans is done with utmost care and passion, with the aim of delivering a well balanced clean and crisp cup of coffee to everyone.

Farmgate coffee blends are delicious, convenient and simple to make. The perfect balance in flavor and taste is what makes farmgate coffee great. When you love homemade fresh strong brews, you should definitely try the X coffee blend specially created for those who like to have their coffee strong yet flavorful. We make sure the coffee beans are processed in the right way to ensure the natural flavors are retained. Farmgate coffee is ideal for any brewing method.

At Farmgate, we strive to deliver the experience of fresh coffee to our customers. With freshly roasted and ground good quality coffee beans, freshness is guaranteed in every sip. Freshness makes a lot of difference to our quality.

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