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Namma Chennai Coffee Blend
Namma Chennai Coffee Blend

Namma Chennai Coffee Blend

Ideal for South Indian Coffee

A smooth and fine blend of Arabica Coffee and Chicory freshly ground in an 80:20 ratio for a rich and authentic taste.

Roast Level: Medium

Net Quantity: 200gms

Namma Chennai Coffee Blend is a smooth and fine blend of Arabica Coffee and Chicory fresh ground in 80:20 ratio. The rich and authentic taste is ideal for making the best South Indian filter coffee. The smooth flavor of Namma Chennai Coffee blend is ideal for making cold coffee and delicious latte too.

Filter coffee is the love of most of the Tamil families. It is also called Madras filter coffee or Chennai coffee in some places. Right from the process to the presentation, everything is unique about filter coffee. Waking up to a freshly brewed filter coffee energizes you instantly. Due to the rich flavor, right aroma and strong taste filter coffee has now become popular all over the world. If you are in search of best filter coffee in Chennai or if you are confused about where to find the best filter coffee powder in Chennai, your one stop solution is Farmgate. We help you to enjoy the right coffee taste as per your taste preferences. By using high quality coffee beans, we ensure that you get a rich flavor and delicious taste. Taste our coffee today to taste what a perfect filter coffee tastes like.

This popular coffee beverage can be served at the morning or at any point of the day. To make the best tasting coffee, we need to choose a unique coffee powder made with freshly roasted and grinded coffee beans. Brew your coffee the way you love it. Make it strong or light, when you use the right coffee blend, your strike the overall balance in flavor and taste.

Created with passion and hard work, our coffee blends hit the right notes with perfect balance in freshness, fragrance and taste. With a lot of hard work, we have created various coffee blends each with a distinct flavor. Taste them for yourself and buy coffee blend that you like to make your coffee with.

Creating a high quality coffee blend with a consistent taste that satisfies customers desired flavor profiles is a careful process and needs a lot of practice. Coffee lovers expect tasty coffee along with great aroma, fresh roast beans and well balanced flavors. Coffee blends are mostly chosen by people who like to drink their coffee with milk in it. Brewing fresh filter coffee at home is not as complicated as you think.

If you are a coffee lover, you must try our different coffee blends at Farmgate and find the perfect coffee taste you love to have every day. Whatever you choose, The X blend for dark brews or Namma Chennai coffee bend for a South Indian filter coffee, we make sure you get the best tasting coffee that is brewed at home.

At farmgate, we take the challenge of creating great coffee blends that has consistent taste along with freshness and a pleasant aroma. Our flavor profiles strike the overall balance needed to make rich and creamy coffee. A perfect cup of filter coffee, freshly brewed at home with a nice aroma and right consistency would impress every coffee lover. We use the finest quality beans to deliver the finest coffee to our customers. With consistency in quality and taste, always keeping it fresh and natural we make sure we provide the best filter coffee powder in Chennai. Whether you like to have traditional filter coffee or classic black coffee, espresso, or cappuccino, you can brew all of them instantly with our coffee blends online.

A special coffee powder would ensure the right taste in every cup of filter coffee. Our filter coffee blend helps you to enjoy the right taste of your cup of coffee. With fresh coffee blends, you can prepare your filter coffee as per your taste preferences whenever you want. The perfect taste of farmgate filter coffee is so satisfying that Namma Chennai coffee blend will be your favorite best filter coffee powder in Chennai.

We have unique and distinct coffee blends that every coffee lover would appreciate. We create specialty coffee blends from the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee beans produced in estates in Coorg and Tamil Nadu. Experience yourself the pleasure of farm fresh coffee and we are sure you will be delighted!

What makes farmgate coffee blends standout from the crowd is the commitment to quality, consistency in taste and endless passion for creating the best coffee blends from high quality coffee beans. Making good coffee at home is easier with Farmgate coffee blends. With each flavored coffee blend, we promise a distinctively different coffee experience.

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New to Filter Coffee? Need help? Have a look at our recipe section and have a pefect cuppa!
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