South Indian Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is the love of many coffee lovers. A delicious cup of filter coffee in the morning energizes you for the whole day. The balanced taste, nice aroma and more than anything your love for filter coffee makes your coffee time greatly refreshing. Right from preparation to serving style, everything is special and unique about filter coffee.

Making South Indian Filter Coffee

The coffee ground is put into a stainless steel filter and hot water is poured over it, the brew that is dripped through the holes is collected in the lower cup. This is the strong decoction which is the essence of making best tasting cup of filter coffee. This is how traditional filter coffee decoction is prepared. Just 2 or 3 spoons of this decoction when mixed with milk and sugar can give you the complete filter coffee experience. Definitely preparing the decoction is a time taking process. But its worth the wait when you want to enjoy the heavenly taste of your coffee. This method of brewing coffee is enjoyed by many coffee lovers. You can have your filter coffee with or without milk. Every person has their preference on how they enjoy their coffee.

To make the best filter coffee, the coffee beans origin, roast and grind all matters. Using high quality coffee beans, that are freshly grinded will be perfect for the best filter coffee. Only with the finest quality beans, thick and strong decoction can be brewed. Only one to two spoons of decoction is used for each cup of milk. With Farmgate coffee blends, you can brew the best tasting coffee at home. Namma Chennai coffee blend is perfect to make a fresh and creamy authentic South Indian filter coffee.