Difference between Filter coffee and espresso

Are filter coffee and normal coffee powders made from different coffee beans? Not at all. Both of them come from the same coffee beans. Jus that the roast of the bean and the grind of the bean differs in each case. When prepared in the right way both coffees are enjoyable in different ways. Depending on your coffee preferences you might like one over the other.

The first obvious difference between filter coffee and espresso is the grind of the coffee beans. Brewing times also differ for both of them. For filter coffee, the beans are coarsely ground and the brewing time is longer. Whereas for espresso, the beans are finely ground and the brewing time is much shorter. Sometimes for espresso coffee, the beans are roasted much darker than filter coffees. Coming to the taste, filter coffee has softer acidity and delivers a sweet, delicate taste. On the other hand, espresso has a more acidic taste. The brewing methods for both coffees are different too. But when brewed properly both of them deliver fantastic taste.

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