How would you define what a perfect cup of coffee is?

For all of us at Farmgate, perfection is backed up by hundreds of years of traditional coffee production. We are passionate about bringing the best of what our coffee estates in Coorg and Tamil Nadu have to offer to your table with no detours or intermediaries. We believe that our customers deserve to experience for themselves the luxury and quality of farm fresh coffee. This is why we offer a range of unique and delectable blends for you to choose from, each of which are made from fine Arabica and Robusta coffee beans that are grounded and fine-tuned with utmost care. Experience for yourself what we have to offer and prepare to be delighted!


Best filter kaapi I have ever had, my god I still have the taste lingering in my mouth... Got the purist blend (100% coffee) and the X blend (80-15) from Tried the purist blend today and I'm in love with it. My husband and my son loved it too... To all the filter kaapi lovers out there u gotta try this coffee n you won't regret it


Farmgate is more thicker, I could brew three cups with the same measurements where in with others it was only two. More stronger. More of aroma. While brewing itself the aroma can be smelt. Whereas the previous one that i used, only after a few mix up and down the flavour would emit. Taste is also ahead than the previous one. More than everything the feel that the product is genuine beyond any adulteration is truly pleasing. Thanks for giving me a wonderful coffee brewing experience.

Sow L.

Coffee is the liquid hug that boosts me when my brain is down... Being a coffee lover, recently tasted the "namma chennai " blend from a bliss..With just a little amount,the decoction came out well and frothy..the coffee just spread over my tongue with such a taste and I loved it.. also brings in two more blends, "purist" and "x" from the coffee estates of Karnataka and Tamilnadu..Tanq for such a cup of tasty experience